Is it your first time visiting us at the Pitt Meadows Dental Centre?

We’re always excited to get to know new patients in our office because it’s an opportunity for us to develop a partnership in your oral health. Our goal for your first visit is to educate you about your oral health in a safe and comfortable environment. We want you to leave feeling empowered and informed about your dental needs and options.

Each new patient visit lasts about 1 hour, because we want to get to know you and your mouth better! It also gives us a chance to introduce you to the range of services we offer.

Here’s what you can expect during your new patient appointment:

  • We will carefully review you medical history together and discuss your current dental concerns.
  • You’ll receive a comprehensive dental exam, which will include an extra oral examination of your jaw joints and muscles, intra oral exam of all the tissue in your mouth, an oral cancer screening, and an evaluation of all your teeth.
  • Together, we’ll review your x-rays and digital photographs and discuss a variety of treatment options.
  • We’ll answer any questions you have about the procedures and help you make informed decisions about your dental health.
  • Our staff will review the costs associated with the treatment options discussed and can schedule any appointments you are ready to book.